Call for abstracts

In 2018 the first International Conference on Quality in Education: Local Needs, Global Challenges (ICEQ) took place in Agadir, Morocco. It was a resounding success with over 21 countries represented and the standard of presentations from contributors promoted rigorous debate.

The aim is to now hold the second international conference (ICEQ2019) which intends to bring together education practitioners and researchers to explore ways to promote effective quality in Higher Education. The intention is to provide a platform for exchanging research findings and extend the boundaries of thinking about contemporary issues in the field.

The conference organising committee is now accepting submissions for 2019 for abstracts that will form the basis for individual or symposia presentations encompassing the theme of “Quality in higher education: Sharing cross national examples of effective practice’’. It is anticipated that presentations will revolve around particular stands such as:

  • Technology and digital innovation – examples from practice
  • Rising student expectations – sharing cross national experiences
  • Increased costs and shifting funding – a challenge for lifelong learning
  • Making research sustainable – sharing experiences
  • Student engagement – recruitment, completion and evaluation
  • Leadership matters – policy, systems and cohesion
  • Meeting regulatory expectations – the changing face of Higher Education
  • Course and programme instructional design – examples of effective practice
  • Creating educational climates – promoting trust and preventing violence
  • Maintaining teaching quality – challenges and opportunities
  • Measuring and evaluating success – listening to the student experience

Abstract Submission

15 February 2019