Dr Jackie Musgrave

The Open University United Kingdom


Relationships at the heart of quality in Higher Education: why relationships matter



In Higher Education, the relationships that teaching staff develop with students are core to encouraging student participation and engagement with their learning.As well as developing relationships with academic and support staff, it is important to pay attention to the ways that students work with each other and develop communities of practice. The strength and quality of such relationships can ultimately impact on how well students succeed in their chosen studies.  In a digital age, the challenges of developing relationships and effective digital pedagogies can be regarded as even more challenging than in face-to-face universities.  This presentation explores ways of developing relationships with distance learners in a digital environment.  In addition, it will foreground the importance working with students to develop a sense of belonging, promote confidence in students so that they participate, but also bring in other aspects of relationships and how pedagogical approaches can promote student engagement.

About Dr Jackie Musgrave

Jackie Musgrave is Programme Lead for Early Childhood and Education Studies (Primary).  All of the students at The Open University are distance and on-line learners.  She previously worked at the University of Worcester as Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Early Childhood (Professional Practice) degree and was Assistant Head of the Centre for Children and Families.  In her role as Course Leader, she collaborated with students and colleagues to develop a pedagogical framework for learning and teaching.  Many of the elements of this approach are relevant to working in an online environment.  Jackie trained as a Registered General Nurse and Registered Sick Children’s Nurse.  Her professional background as a nurse has informed her research interest in children’s health; her doctoral research explored how practitioners in Early Childhood Education and Care settings create inclusive environments for children with chronic health conditions. Jackie’s health background has been an important influence on the importance of inter-disciplinary working to improve outcomes for children.