Dr. Nena Rončević

University of Rijeka Croatia


 Between Teaching and Research: what has changed in the last decade? – Challenges and Opportunities for Academics from a Croatian Perspective



Croatia participated in two rounds of collaborative international projects that addressed changes in the academic profession, the first was “Changing academic profession” (CAP; 2009), and most recent is “Academic Profession in a Knowledge Society “(APIKS, 2018).This keynote address focuses on evaluation and interrelationships betweentwo fundamentalacademic functions (teaching and research). It explores issues including weekly workloads(when classes are in session and when classes are not in session); distribution of time and levels of job satisfaction, for example in the overall professional environment.It analyzesinstitutional settings and institutional support for teaching and research and possible implications that preferences for teaching and research may have. The importance of affiliation and attitudes towards some aspects of academic professionwill be examined.



About Dr. Nena Rončević


Nena Rončević is an Associate Professor at the Department of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka in Croatia, and was a Head of Department for Education Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka (10/16-10/18). She has recently been appointed as a National Project Manager for PIAAC research in Croatia,and is currently working on a project “Formal education in service of sustainable development” funded by Croatian science foundation, From 12/2016 to 2/2018 she was a project leader on: “Academic Profession in Knowledge Society (APIKS-HR), funded by Initial Support for Young Researchers, University of Rijeka.

Nena Rončević was a researcher on several other projects:

  1. 4/2015 to 4/2018 “Research of School Leadership from a Distributive Perspective in Croatian Schools”, Croatian Science Foundation,
  2. 5/2014 do 5/2017 “Academic Profession Competence Framework: Between New Requirements and Possibilities”, Croatian Science Foundation
  3. 10/2009 – 10/2012 “Academic Professions and Social Expectations: Challenges for University Civic Mission”; part of a collaborative research project “The Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal Challenges” (EUROAC) of EUROCORES program “Funding initiative in the field of Higher Education and Social Change (EuroHESC)”, program provided and funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF).